www.hindicity.com is a DIY online school for Indian culture & Hindi for different levels all over the globe. We are original & structured.

At times, we feel by staying overseas, we are losing our values and our children are confused between our past and their present. They don’t get a chance to interact with each other in Hindi. At our homes we try to teach them our values, our culture but they don’t get a proper chance on day to day basis to interact, to experiment, to evaluate and to share with their peer group. Henceforth, Hindi remains a difficult subject for them.

This site is dedicated not only to promote Hindi language but also to ensure that our children respect the values of our Indian culture. Each lesson includes interactive activities & exercises with audio and colorful images with helpful tips. There’s no better way to learn Hindi than by working with a Hindi speaker online to improve conversational skills, spelling, pronunciation, and grammar – and learn Hindi culture as well at your own pace!

Unlike most online preschools’ education tools where a child is “self taught”, HindiCity.com gives you step by step guidance and resources for you to use with your child. With HindiCity.com, you are hands-on in a “DIY at your own pace. All our resources are colorful, graphically rich with audio; sure to please kids residing outside India!

You can take advantage of all the materials or just use what you need. HindiCity.com creatively bridges the gap between a traditional preschool and an online virtual school by offering interactive videos as well as hands-on sensory activities. While our lessons are delivered online; parents, home-schoolers, teachers and/or caregivers should be prepared to lead activities “live” rather than in front of a computer. The curriculum is developmentally based and flexible so you can tailor it to yourself or your child needs. The majority of the videos are for children and are intended to be watched interactively with a parent or caregiver. The videos are educational and entertaining & greatly helps reading, writing & speaking in Hindi language. Feel free to contact us if any queries or need any extra worksheets or online classes!


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